K570 30″ Wide Ice Storage Bins

K570 30″ Wide Ice Storage Bins

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K570 30″ Wide Ice Storage Bins

Complete Commercial Refrigeration offers the latest in energy efficient commercial ice machines and ice bins like the K-570 Ice Bin. Whether you’re starting a restaurant, needing to replace your existing ice machine, or deciding to add an additional ice machine to your operation, consider Koolaire by Manitowoc. Koolaire ice machines provide you with basic features you need with the reliability you expect at a price that fits your budget.

Koolaire ice machines are designed and manufactured by Manitowoc Ice, a trusted brand for over 50 years. They are built for reliability and longevity. Koolaire ice machines are simple to operate and are a great option for those just starting a restaurant, needing to replace your existing ice machine. These state of the art ice machines provide you with the reliability you deserve at a great price. Therefore, Koolaire is the right choice for those on a budget.

Koolaire ice machines are available in the industry’s most popular sizes. Both 60 Hz and 50 Hz models, dice and half dice “kube” sizes, air, water and remote cooling options (in selected models) modular and undercounter configurations.

The K-570 Ice Bin is the perfect match for any of the 30″ Koolaire ice machines, models K-0500, K-0600, or K-1000. The convenient stay-open design keeps the bin door out of the way while scooping ice. An internal scoop holder stays above ice line for easy access and better sanitation. The high-tech stainless-like finish has been engineer-tested with superior corrosion resistance. Black side panels match your Koolaire ice machine.


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