Restaurant Management

Bookkeeping for Restaurants

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Bookkeeping for Restaurants Bookkeeping for restaurants and record keeping is one of the most important things business owners should get right if they intend to last long in business. Particularly so for restaurants because they have to buy stock often and money is always coming in from the endless stream of customers or going out

How to Start a Restaurant

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How to Start a Restaurant Learn How to Start a Restaurant: Restaurants are fast becoming the perfect investments for anyone seeking to expand in the hospitality industry. Gone are the days when it was considered improper for people to eat out. Now dates and ordering take outs are becoming more accepted practices. While restaurants are

Restaurant Staff Scheduling

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Staff Scheduling for Restaurants Staff Scheduling Restaurant working hours are very delicate; considering how they serve food and the fact that there is no one fixed time range for people to eat or not to eat. This basically means that restaurant staffs have to always be available to attend to the endless stream

Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

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Restaurant Cleaning Checklist   If there was ever a list of the top 5 must clean places in the world, our guess is restaurants would most definitely top that list. The reason is hardly far-fetched as restaurants are the home of edibles and it would be simply offensive for a restaurant to cook

10 Best Ways to Maximize Restaurant Turnover

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10 Best Ways to Maximize Restaurant Turnover     With restaurants, one of the major things that determine how much revenue is generated in a day or a week is their table turnover rate. Now, as a restaurant owner, you can always sit back and hope that your reputation as an exotic restaurant